Jeanine Smit

I first started with Ashtanga yoga in 2005. After a stop and start relationship with yoga, I finally became more consistent with my practice in 2012. Although I still love my Ashtanga practice I recently discovered my softer side with Yin Yoga and now feel that the two styles are a perfect mix for me. Through yoga I came home to myself and learned to love and accept myself just the way I am. To further my journey, I completed my Yoga Teacher Training in May 2016 in Paramaribo. I started teaching right away and love sharing the yoga that has so enriched my life with others.
I recently moved to The Netherlands and love the plentitude of yoga teachings in the Netherlands. Since I really enjoyed sharing my love for yoga the past months I decided to continue this path in The Hague.
Another passion of mine is Nutrition and after many years of teaching Nutrition at the Medical School in Paramaribo, I started working at a more individual level and am currently working as a wellness and nutrition coach, which I find very rewarding. I have also been an avid runner for about 15 years have been combining my yoga and running practice for years. I completed my training as a Running Coach also in May 2016 and intend to start teaching Yoga & Running courses. This mix of wellness and nutrition coaching, yoga and running fills me with joy and makes me a grateful and fulfilled person.

In addition to teaching Yoga at saktiisha yoga centre, I started managing and hosting services for our new HHS location as of December 2016. From January of 2017 I entered into a partnership with Savitri and look forward to developing and expanding saktiisha with her and the other partners so that we can reach many more clients to share our love of Yoga with.