First time? Register for a trial class!

Welcome! Great that you are interested in yoga at our studio!

As new yogi at our studio you have a choice between:
– a trial class EUR 9,00
– a 3-class introduction card for EUR 20,00

Cards can be purchased and paid for online. After this you can register for a class. We hope that you will find what you are looking for in yoga with us!

We work with an Online Registration and Reservation system so that you can register for a class or workshop yourself. Register an account on our Online Scheduler and reserve your class or workshop. You may read our general conditions HERE

Online Scheduler

You can log in to the Online Scheduler through the above link or on the schedule by clicking on the register button next to the class.
Or download the saktiisha yoga centre APP through Google Play or the Apple Store. It’s really simple to register or unregister for a class through our APP.

Download the saktiisha App! Here you can log in, register and cancel really quickly and easily!

Enjoy the classes!


saktiisha team

Payments upfront
Are you new to us and do not yet have a subscription? We prefer upfront and online payments.
First purchase a card or mail us if you want a subscription. Register for the classes that you would like to join.  You can pay by iDeal or Credit Card.
Would you like to pay cash? No problem!
Mail us which class you would like an we will prepare your card. You can pay in the studio.
Are you an invitee of a saktiisha yogi?
Create an account, pick your class and book your free first class online.
Do you have a giftcard or a Perkville voucher?
Register an account and email us the gift voucher or Perkville voucher number. We will prepare a card for you.